Photographer - James Perolls

Berlin / London

+49 (0) 176 23195042


All images © 2016-2017 James Perolls / Impressum - Chodowieckistr 15/I, Berlin, 10405 / Steuernummer: 31/468/01991




James Perolls is a photographer, currently based between Berlin and London. Entirely self-taught, his process has led to ventures in fashion and portraiture, depicting various subjects in a range of editorial contexts.

Notably well-mannered and softly-spoken, Perolls’ unimposing manner has proven to be one of his greatest assets, enabling him to quickly and naturally engage his subjects. By circumventing the oft-challenging process of breaking down professional and personal inhibitions, he is able to create fluid, organic images with subtle traces of personality laced throughout. Combined with uncompromised technical precision, each photograph is crafted with its own atmosphere, unique to the subject and setting of the moment.

The intimacy of Perolls' work is made possible through an acute eye for aesthetic details. A subtle approach to colour allows the viewer to embed themselves within the scene, as though they were physically present or peeking through finely-tuned eyes.


Collaborations and features with:
American Apparel, i-D Magazine, VICE, DIY, Noisey, Urban Outfitters, The Times, Ader Error, Crack Magazine, Coeval Magazine, Sicky Magazine, Nakid Magazine, Ballad Of Magazine, Trip Magazine, The Fader, Broadly, Splash and Grab, High Snobiety, Saperlipopette Magazine, WRPD Magazine, Indie Magazine, W Magazine, Sleek Magazine, etc...